What Is A Trust?

A Trust is an agreement (Trust Deed) that allows a person (Donor) to assign legal responsibility for their assets to another person (Trustee) for a third party receiving (Beneficiary / Trustee).

MAAB Trust Services

Takaful / Insurance Trust

Ensure that takaful/insurance compensation is distributed and managed to the desired recipients/beneficiaries by creating a Takaful/Insurance Trust.

MYANGKASA AMANAH BERHAD (MAAB) is appointed as the Trustee for the takaful/insurance compensation obtained to be distributed and managed to the desired recipient/beneficiary in accordance with the instructions/terms of the Trust Deed as agreed.

Requirement of Takaful Certificate/Trusted Insurance Policy

Benefits of Takaful / Insurance Trusts

Cash Trust

INDIVIDUAL CASH TRUST - Provides immediate financial/income resources to beneficiaries after the death of the donor. The donor may distribute the Trust Funds/Capital for certain purposes and intentions to the beneficiaries through the Trustee as stated in the Trust Deed

CORPORATE CASH TRUST - Trusts received from Institutions/ corporations/ government agencies/ foundations/ clubs/ companies/ associations/ corporate bodies or cooperatives for the purpose of providing trust funds for funds/ trust capital distributed to recipients/ beneficiaries for the specific purposes and intentions of corporate donors.

Term Of Cash Trust

Benefits of Cash Trusts

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